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Just like 50 Cent posting comments about Jay Z's album just to gain popularity for his role in the TV show Power, the Pana Hit maker Tekno Miles has joined in on the growing beef between Nigeria's or Africa's two most popular and promising artists with intentions of gaining more twitter followers - or so he says. Tekno who only came into the spotlight sometime 2013 and is considered a rookie compared to Davido and WizKid who have much more hits and popularity than him decided to gain some attention with a tweet on the "international" beef by tweeting "Na just Time, soon we go know who international pass (laughing emojis)"

Well, Wizkid has some words for him; "Good morning! Ducks dont play where lions play! (emoji) Enjoy ur day my people!".
And he confirms his statements to a twitter follower who asked if his previous comment was meant for @alhajitekno by stating emphatically, "Yes! Only 1 duck face!"
Tekno was not offended but the comment but rather acknowledged his position as an upcoming artist as he confirms that he only commented on the beef just to gain more followers and it is really working for him.  He even proposed a production deal as he asked Wizkid to forgive him and not be offended.
Other Nigerian artists have been silent on the issue so far.


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