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The last four days after the release of Jay Z's 13th studio album "4:44" has been nothing but loud. The album has taken social media platforms by storm and keeps on doing so. The album has been released exclusively on TIDAL and is expected to be available on Spotify and iTunes soon enough.
It is described as a lecture for black folk by most people including Kendrick Lamar. It also contains details that some take to be shots towards some artists including Future and Hov's very own Kanye West
The first and most obvious of the shots were targeted at Ye. Hov touches on deals that went wrong between him and Kanye West on the song "Kill Jay Z" with the lines:
This is amidst news of Kanye West leaving TIDAL and TIDAL threatening to sue in return. Kanye West has not responded to this yet.
Hov also seems to be throwing shots at Future with lines in the song "Kill Jay Z". Hov warns himself to be a better father and not allow others raise his children. Ciara, Future's ex is now with Russell Wilson who is a football player and a father figure to Future's son.
Future has since responded to these lines via a Snapchat video showing how he does not feel the vibe Jay Z is giving. This has led to the question of who is richer; Hov or Future and has led to many comparing their net worths.
Snoop Dog on the other hand congratulates Hov on a good work done whiles he also admits he could not deal with the TIDAL process and had to get the album from a friend. Drake upon release of the album ordered that it be played at a restaurant whiles he dined. He just could not wait to listen to the album. Kendrick Lamar went on twitter to show his love by exclaiming "4:44. WOW. MASTER TEACHER.". 50 Cent also uses this as means to greater fame for his character on Power.
As time goes on, 4:44 promises to be the cause of much more chatter as more understanding is made to the lyrics of each song. 


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JAY-Z's 4:44 IS HERE

Finally, the much expected Hov Album "4:44" is here. It features 10 songs including one titled the same as the album. The album also comes with a video for one of its songs "The Story of O.J" which seems to be doing well so far.  It is rather unfortunate that Kanye West is not featured on this album but surprisingly it features the likes of his own mother, Gloria Carter, Frank Ocean as well as Damien Marley. These can be seen in the track list for 4:44. Much of the production credit goes to "No I.D".  The album as well as the video can be streamed exclusively on Tidal.  

Keep checking here for a detailed review of the album including its sales records and opinions on the album which will be posted later on.


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